First Footprints


First Footprints

Call us to take your baby's footprints to create a unique gift for family, friends, or to keep for yourself.  Prints of newborns are taken with archival ink pads and placed on fabric.  It is then embroidered with your baby's name, birth date, weight, length, and time of birth.  It can be individualized even further with poems or designs.  You, grandparents, and friends will cherish these for a lifetime.

Gift certificates are available for purchase.  Just call and ask us.

At Birth

Call us after you deliver your baby, and we'll come right to the hospital or birthing center to take the first footprints. We aim for a 24-48 hr turn around time so you can take them home with you.  If you'd like to include other children, let us know and we'll come when they are there. Embroidery can be customized. We serve the Kansas City metro area.

Sibling and Family Prints

A new baby is a time of celebration for your entire family.  We have several embroidery designs for you to choose from that can include the hand prints of the rest of the family. Hand prints show up better with fabric paint.  While we have never had any issues with allergies, there was one reported on the internet of a child who had a reaction,  who was allergic to eggs.  Please let us know if your child has any allergies.

First Footprints

We can frame your first footprints, sew them onto a blanket, or create a quilted wall hanging.  Wall hangings can also be connected to create an artistic piece for your wall.  This also allows you to add to it as you have more children or want prints as your child/children age.  You may choose from a wide variety of background fabrics, threads, and designs to match your decor or taste. Many embroidery designs also available.


For no additional charge, we scan first footprints we take and keep it on file.  If you should have a fire, tornado, or theft, we would replace it for free (with proof of loss).  If you wish to order anything else later, you can.  We would then print them on fabric and add the embroidery.


We all have experience  working with special needs  children and teens.

Sandy worked as a RN for over 20 years, many of those as a high risk labor and delivery nurse.  After taking thousands of first footprints, She discovered families loved receiving these as gifts, with the embroidery work.  She wanted to be able to offer them to other families as keepsakes.

We are committed to providing the best for your children at all times.  We work with them while you watch. This program is available to the Kansas City metro area.

Examples of Available designs - or create your own



$55  8x10

Classic first footprints with embroidery to include name, date and time of birth, length, and weight.  

Classic Butterfly


$60  11x14

Classic first footprints with embroidery to include name, date and time of birth, length, and weight. 



$65   11x14

First footprints are now placed on a white background fabric and then placed in this area.  It shows up better with the white embroidery, but we can do any color. 

Classic Lg


$60 8x10 matted in a 11x14 frame

Love Blooms


$75  16 x 20

Two hand prints or one hand print with first footprints

This one is a wall hanging with batting instead and two dowel rods to help keep it hanging straight. It could also be framed.

Small Hands


$85  11x14

Poem with first footprints and a child's hand print. Embroidery includes name, length, weight, date, and time of birth.

More examples

Floral Spray


$95  16 x 20

Two hand prints, first footprints with embroidery  



$110 16 x 20 

1 Hand print, 1 footprint as a butterfly (not pictured yet)

Garden Monochrome



$100 16 x 20 

1 Hand print, 1 first footprints as a butterfly with one color embroidery work.

Small Hands, Large


$120   20x24

Hand prints and first footprints can fill this space now or some space can be left and the prints added as the baby/children grow. Embroidery for poem can be in any color..

With These Hands

Sibling prints added to newborn's foot prints.

$95 16x20

Sibling prints added to newborn's first footprints.

Love Blooms Garden


$125   16x20, 20x24, or more

Garden can be extended to accommodate more handprints or footprints


Start with a photo


The photo is uploaded into an embroidery software program. The background is removed.  Several things are done to get the best optimization of color and clarity. It is then sent through a digitizing program.  Thread colors are then chosen to reproduce the closest colors.



Stitch outs can be done in a monochrome, sepia tone, or color.  I chose to do this in a monochrome, which is the least expensive option.



This picture was taken while in the embroidery software as a possible layout.  I can put several pictures/stitchouts on one piece of fabric, do them separately and frame them, or do them separate and hang them as a wall hanging. Great baby gift for parents and grandparents.

Monochrome with color embellishment


Other embroidery can be added to the surrounding picture

Photostitched item can be framed or made into other creations


This colored photostitch was made into a quilt



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