For Sale




My Epic had some flukes, so they are replacing it with a new machine. I would like to sell it to use the money towards a professional embroidery machine, so contact me if you are interested.

A new machine would normally be $11,500 without the luggage  ($300 ), metal hoop $250), and Sew Steady table ($250). I'm selling it all for $8K.

See Pix below of what is included (except quilt), showing hoops, Sew Steady Table, and luggage.

For more info on the Epic, see:

See below for more pix.  

  Luggage holds machine in one and the embroidery arm in the other - for safe keeping and traveling. Like new. 

 Sew Steady Table (extension table - clear) 

 Hoops included (360x260, 260x200, 80x80, and metal 250x150. Quilt is not included, but shows how they can be used to quilt embroider through all 3 layers.